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Full Version: Editing drawn lines
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I've tried MSP on two different tablets (Android): in the older one (I don't know with which MSP version) I had a very useful feature, that is the ability to change size and direction of lines after drawing them (when I selected a drawing, a blue line appeared with two small squares at each end, and i were able to change the drawing in every direction by moving these small squares).
In the new tablet this feature disappeared, so if I need to modify a line that I drawn before, I have to delete and redraw it again.
Is there any setting to turn this feature on?
Now it seems that this feature disappeared also in the older tablet when I upgraded MSP to 2.1.8.
Any idea?
That feature should not have disappeared - it does seem like there is a bug. I'll get to the bottom of it.

In version 2.1.3, I had utilized a new feature from Google in the development environment (Android Studio) to automatically clean up code it deemed unnecessary. Turns out that it cleared out important values from the annotations, and that caused the resizing of lines to completely stop working. I'm not sure what else has been impacted, but I'll try to get an update out this week to fix the issue. Thanks for letting me know about it.

Great Mike, thanks alot for your work! :-)