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Full Version: Stamps shifting
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when I put stamps in the sheets, then I exit from edit mode, I've noticed that the stamps seem shifting left a couple of pixels. 
This is noticeable specially if I put a stamp over an existing one wanting both aligned vertically. 
Did anyone noticed the same? Possible bug?
Hallo mcrossy,

I don't know if there is a connection between these 2 problems, but you might find this post helpful:
mcrossy - are you inserting actual stamps or textbox annotations using the insert symbol dropdown? If they are actual stamps, I will need additional information about which stamp(s) you are using that are moving and whether this problem occurs on a new document with no cropping.

Hi Mike, sorry for the delay in answering... Well, I'm using actual stamps and the shifting occurs when no zoom is applied (only edge cutting to the page). 
Now I've tried to zoom the page when out of editing mode and the stamps seem not maintaining the exact position: the position changes apparently randomly when I change zoom size. 
If I try to put the zoom to an extremely high value, the page renders totally out of the display, and I can see only the stamp over a white background.
Hope this helps... 
Best regards.