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Full Version: iOS version
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Abowe all things: Mobile sheets is absolutely great. 

Up till now I've been using forScore on iPad, and recently I switched to Mobile Sheets on Surface Pro and it's much better. But sometimes it is more convenient to use smaller screen (or having iPad as a backup). I've read somewhere that there were plans for iOS version. Any new informations? I gladly pay for iOS version, to support developement of this great program and to have so great tool on another device.
I certainly have long term plans to make an iOS version. Before I can start on that, I have a lot of promised functionality and enhancements to provide for the Android and Windows 10 versions. Once I've worked off a good chunk of the promised features, then I will start the conversion to iOS, but I'm sure it will be a pretty lengthy (and grueling) process.  I'm also still currently splitting my time between a day job and MobileSheets. If that changes and I go full time on MobileSheets, that will accelerate the schedule.

All things considered, an IOS version looks to be some way in the distant future.  My advice would be to buy an Android tablet, with a screen size that would suit you (although I would recommend a minimum of 10").  They're not expensive - lots of cheap Chino knockoffs around and they all seem to work well enough, as long as you consider it as a tablet for MSP only and don't fill them up with loads of other apps.