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Full Version: Adding new sheets
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When adding new sheets I've found it could be useful to have some fields precompiled instead of being blank.
For example today I had to import some sheets I've photographed in Adobe Scan (for who doesn't know that app, it's very good to automatically capture in even bad light conditions, and it allows to freely resize the image in all possible angles, automatically removes background, so in just few seconds you have a sheet that is almost as one captured by a real scanner). 
Once finished with Scan, I share the pdf with MSP, and here I have to compile all of the fields from scratch. My question is if it's possible to have the fields compiled with the last saved values, so I don't have to rewrite fields that I'm using like Collection, List, Origin, Genre... eventually there could be a button that clears all of the fields at once if one wants them all blank.
That seems to be a good idea.

By now that workflow might help a bit:
- after scanning give the file a significant name
- import it into MSP while you are in one of the respective groups, e.g. Collection
- choose "guess title from filename" or "use title as filename"
Doing so at least title and collections have meaningful default values.
I agree, but Sometimes external apps store their documents in paths that are difficult to find (maybe this is only a problem of mine), and sharing from external app to MSP seems to be a fast way to import images.
My workflow is different. I have "Let MSP manage my files" OFF.
I manage my song files myself in subfolders named "A" ... "Z" that are synced with my bandmates and between several devices. So storing the files in a certain directory with a meaningful is in my case the very first logical step.
That's correct, but In the case of images adquired with Adobe Scan, that app doesn't allow to choose the path where to store the files, it has its own path and I didn't found it yet, so the only way I've found to have those scannings into MSP S is to share them from Adobe Scan to MSP. And at that point MSP opens with a new sheet with totally blank fields.
I use CamScanner. CS has a setting to specify where the files are stored.
I use taking pictures with the device camera very rarely, so it is not the most important feature for me.

But your proposal of keeping the meta data values is helpful in any case when many files have to be imported from local folders, no matter where they come from. OK, in many cases I can use multi-selection and set the meta data once.
I think the way I want to handle this is by adding a button or option that you can trigger to "insert last used values". I don't want to insert the last values by default, because I feel like in the majority of cases, people aren't going to want the exact same metadata for every song they are adding. If you do want the same metadata, then you could press that button for each song you are creating. How does that sound?

Sounds perfect Mike  the goal is to have a quick way to fill the fields that could be repetitive.