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Full Version: Printing Bug
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I have been struggling to print (or make a PDF of) a particular chordpro sheet. When selecting Print I was getting an error message "Error encountered while printing document".

After much trial and error I discovered that the cause of the error was a forward slash symbol (/) in the Song Title (i.e. the metadata). It was an easy workaround once I knew what the problem was but it may be something you want to look at.

I  don't suppose there are many song titles with forward slashes in them but mine, for the record, was "Ja Må Hon/Han Leva" (Swedish Happy Birthday).

Thanks as always for MobileSheets. I have just persuaded another 4 people to buy it!


Samsung Tab2
Android 7.0
Hello Rik,

I will definitely have to look into that. I'm guessing it has something to do with the file name/path that is generated, because having a slash in the path to the output file that MobileSheetsPro is generating (a temporary file is generated while printing to send to the print service) will cause issues.