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Full Version: Can't Log Android Samsung TO PC
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I have bugs. I tried to close Firewall and open good ports.

I use a samsung tab I click on Sync PC and I have message that it's connecting and on the tab it says connected to PC sending confirmation

the tabs stays at sending confirmation and the PC says connecting Sad

Where is the problem ?

What you suggest to do ?
Has it worked previously? if not, it could be something to do with fire walls (try turning it off temporarily while you test the connection)

Have you updated the Companion in the last couple of days? - Mike said something along the lines of "don't update the companion until you've loaded the associated MSP update""

Typically  when I can't connect, I try the following :-
  1. Reboot the router & retry
  2. Restart the tablet & retry
  3. Perform a manual connection from the Companion.
If desperate, I connect the tablet with it's USB charging cable and use the standard windows File Explorer to copy files to the tablet (e.g. into it's Download folder). Having got the files on the tablet, one can use the MSP menus to perform the require operations.  You can also Explorer to get data back from the tablet but thisi s a bit more complicated (you have to locate the file that you want transferred).

It looks like you are using the original companion application, instead of the newer companion pro (you can tell because there is a green icon instead of the newer blue one).  If you are using the newer MobileSheetsPro on your tablet, please download the correct companion app here using the top download link.