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Full Version: Combine two Databases?
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I know there have been various discussions similar to this topic, but looking through the threads, I haven't found this answer yet...
I am looking for a way to take friend's Mobilesheets backup and my backup and do some kind of merge.
A number of us all play music together and maintain our own tablets and list of songs on mobilesheets.
Invariably, each of us has spent time adding music that the other does not have and annotated them, added key and collection information, etc.
Things that would be nice to share...

It would be good if we could share our MSB files and do a selective merge.

I know this may not be easy, but I do know a bit about handling databases, so if it takes some manipulating, I am up for it..just need to know where to start and what to watch for.


It looks as if you are describing the upcoming 'sync' feature...
Isn't the beta forum accessible for non beta testers, too? I thought so (also about the sync being the feature he's asking for).

If so, have a look at the discussion about the upcominc sync feature, Glen. Your input will be appreciated.
If this is only an occasional thing you can use the export and import facilities. Select all your songs, click the menu at the top and choose share - Export as .msf and save somewhere. Then on the other tablet use import to load that msf. There are options about overwriting files etc. You should end up with a merge of the two databases.

Do a backup before you start just in case, then an always go back if it make a mess of things.