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Full Version: Edit or delete collection
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Can somebody tell me how to delete or edit a collection?
Not the songs in it but a collection name.
Long press the desired collection then delete at he upper right. I. pretty sure it deletes the collection and not the songs. I suggest making a test collection to verify.
To edit just click on edit at the top of the selected collection.
Right click the collection to choose it and press "DELETE" on the upper right of the screen.
MS will ask you to confirm it and inform you how many songs are associated with the collection.

This proceedure will not delete the songs from your library.

To delete particular songs from your library and/or your PC, you will have to go to "Songs", choose these songs you want to delete (again with right click) and press "DELETE SONG".

Tnx Both for the Answer!
Sometimes the most easy things are difficult to find Big Grin