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Full Version: Fetching ChordPro metadata from MobileSheets database
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The MobileSheetsPro toolkit has been enhanced with a tool to fetch ChordPro metadata from the MobileSheets database.

Usage: perl script/

The metadata is written to standard output in the form of a series of ChordPro directives, preceeded by the file name, e.g.

     === HowsaGoin/051_As_I_Roved_Out.cho === [2497/14472]
     {title: As I Roved Out}
     {artist: The High Kings}
     {capo: 3}
     {tempo: 105}
     {meta: collection HowsaGoin!}
     {meta: source Lead Sheet}
     {meta: custom2 51}

You can cut/paste this into your ChordPro files, or use it for visual inspection.

Note: This tool is fully independent of all other tools and modules.