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Full Version: Can't find backup file to copy or restore
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I am switching to a new tablet using backup and restore. When I try to transfer the backup file to my PC for safekeeping, Windows can't see the file (I have turned on all options to view hidden files). I have to use the Android file manager and Wifi to see and move the file.

I managed to get the msb file to my new tablet (Lenovo A12 Yoga), and now MSP can't see the file! I can see the file using the android file manager, but when I navigate to it from MSP, the file isn't visible, so I can't select it to restore.

In order to get around that problem, you have to restart your Android device. It's a known problem with the MTP connection between PCs and Android tablets. If you add any files on the Android device after the USB connection has been made to the PC, the only way to get those files to show up on the PC through Windows Explorer is to reboot the Android device. Unplugging the USB cable and plugging it back in is not enough.

As far as your new tablet not being able to see the .msb fie, where did you store the file on the tablet?