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Full Version: Letter Bar
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In the W10 App on a desktop computer there is no way (I can see) to go to the last letters if the bar is cut of by the screen and you are not on a touchscreen.

I expected that I could drag it with the mouse or the letter bar scrolls automatically down when one points with the mouse at the end of the bar, but it doesn't. Please include some way to navigate the letter bar with the mouse (or another way you think better).
Using the mouse wheel to scroll the list up or down works just fine for me. Does that not work for you?

Not all mice have wheels - maybe this is the problem?
Graeme was quicker. True, that's it. Even current mice don't always have a wheel (e.g. Surface mouse). Also consider non touchscreen notebooks with (only) touchpad.
Happy to have helped.

Personally, I really don't like using a mouse and much prefer a trackball (although they seem to be getting harder to find every year).  I use trackballs from Logitech and they have some nice controller software which allows the ball to mimic the scroll wheel of a mouse.
I'm somewhat limited by what Microsoft's ListView component supports. They decided not to allow scrolling with click and drag (only dragging with a finger), and instead rely on the mouse wheel for scrolling. It's not the best solution, but you can click on a letter to provide focus, then use the up/down arrows on your keyboard to go to the end of the list (it will select each key and scroll the list with each selection change).

Understood. Focus + Up/Down works indeed. A bit awkward to have to switch between mouse and keyboard for that. But it's a workaround. Consider this request, well, not solved, but lowest priority. Thanks.
Wouldn't it be easier to just buy a mouse with a scroll wheel??
I have one, I connected it, but it's still something to have in mind in general for the software and for the other cases I mentioned regardless of my personal case.