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Full Version: Toggle / Quick Edit for Capo
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I use mobile sheets (and I love it) for my church, with a large band. I use capos for most songs, which makes it a pain to set up song lists with new songs, and then go to the TEXT DISPLAY area to make changes to the capo.

so I wanted to request a feature where it is easier to ENABLE and ADJUST capo settings.

1. Mirror the capo change to the main screen next to the key change.
2. Allow for a similar up/down behaviour as the key change
3. Double tap? Toggle of capo of this button or a quick button inside the quick capo screen

This would allow me to use multiple different tablets and not have to spend twenty minutes scrolling through each song to update whether I'm using a capo. 

I've added an attachment for reference.
The capo setting is currently (historically) a text display setting, but I agree that this is not intuitive. The visibility of the capo is a text display setting. And even this one is a bit peculiar, since hitting [Apply to ...] will apply all text display settings but not the capo settings.

The capo setting is more like the transposition setting, maybe it would be an option to integrate capo setting into this dialog?

Also, if you prepare songs in ChordPro format, the directive {capo} can be used to pre-set the capo on import.