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Full Version: All My SETLISTS and more are GONE!!!
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When I open MS on my tablet, it only show 72 of my 129 songs, it shows 0 keys, 0 signatures, 0 setlists, only 5 artists, and only 2 genras ! ! !  When I connect it to MS Companion, it shows everything that should be in the tablet, but when I disconnect, my tablet goes back to only showing part of the database.

I have a gig tomorrow and all my setlists are gone and about a third of my songs!

What is going on!
You probably have something in one of the filter fields and this is affecting what it displays.

THAT WAS IT!!!!   It's back to normal!!!


The filter was the first thing I looked at and somehow I still didn't clear it!

I don't ever use the filter, but I must have accidentally hit one of the fields earlier.

Thank you, Geoff!!!
An easy trap to fall into and something could cause a major panic, should it happen just prior to a gig  Huh .

Mike, could I suggest that all filters be automatically cleared when exiting MSP?
Please not. After all we have bugged Mike for a long time for consistent filters until he relented.
I guess one option is for me to revert to the old behavior by default where filters are cleared when MobileSheetsPro is loaded, but add a new setting to "automatically load last used filters at startup". Thoughts?

As always, having both in the options is preferred.

I'd vote for having "clear filters at startup" as option and the other as default, though.
The problem is that most users won't know to look for that setting, and I'm getting emails from people who think their library is disappearing because they don't realize the filters they previously used are still in place. I'm getting far more emails about that then I ever got from people who wanted their filters persisted between loads.
Maybe a popup warning indicating filter in use status would would be worthwhile in this case. 
Is there a reason for the filters to remain in use [active fields] if they are NOT being displayed/selected? If not, then they could be cleared when not in use [displayed] then a warning when a field is in use when the filters are displayed.
(07-20-2018, 07:33 PM)BRX Wrote: [ -> ]Please not. After all we have bugged Mike for a long time for consistent filters until he relented.

Maybe so, but it seems such an easy trap when you're just about to start a gig and not really in the right frame of mind to troubleshoot what is, really, a simple problem.  

It seems the latest release has the option to retain or delete filters on startup.  Not checked this out yet, as I'm going to need MSP this evening and loading upgrades on the same day is a dangerous thing to do - you never know what might have been accidentally broken Smile .  However,it seems the right solution.
Why not simply change the color of the filter button (e.g. to orange) as soon as a filter is in place whereas it would be normal as long as no filter is in place?

Like that one would instantly see that there is something that might need their attention without any options or without any popup...