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Full Version: Showing song file paths
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An inconvenient thing when investigating things that go wrong:
The file path of the song files is a bit difficult to detect. It is shown on the "Files" tab in song editor when long-pressing a file, but it fades away quickly.
I can include it into a list created with "Generate Song List", but that's not the same.

I would prefer  that e.g. the path is shown as it is the case today, but stays visible until a following click. Any other idea would be also welcome.
I agree. There's room for improvement.

Alternatively the link could be permanently shown in the space under the preview between the rotation buttons and the "reset crop"?
Also either way I'd like a simple option to copy the link to the clipboard.
I've changed the long press so that it now shows a dialog with a button to copy the path to the clipboard. Thanks for the feedback.

Great. I'm curiously waiting for the next update.
(08-12-2018, 08:32 PM)itsme Wrote: [ -> ]Great. I'm curiously waiting for the next update.

Just tested it. It works fine. Thanks for implementing this request
Would it be possible to have the same option for audio files?
Presently, there doesn't to be a way of finding out where an mp3 file is located.

The audio file list should show the entire file path for each entry in the list. Are you not seeing that for some reason?

Not for me, Mike. Never did.

I am looking at the Audio tab of the song editor at the two files there are showing "artist - title", that's it.

If I click on the right on the little paper sheet with magnifying glass, I get a folder with files, but not necessarily the folder of the audio files; I think it's the last folder browsed. Same with the folder icon, it brings me to a different folder; I believe it's the last folder where new files were deposited.

I do have populate data fields with mp3 metadata when I import the files; could this make a difference?

Or do I need to look elsewhere?

Hi again Mike,

I just noticed something. I have purchased the Windows version recently and am slowly getting ready to use it.
Audio files song paths are shown in the Windows version where you said they are supposed to be.
For some reason it doesn't work for me in the Android version.

But I noticed something else in the Windows version. In "Settings/Other" the option to "fix broken file paths" is missing in the Windows version. That is something I find very useful and have been using in the Android version. Is this by design for some reason?

I believe I saw the file paths on Android when I was testing, but I'll check again just in case. I'm not sure why that would be different on different devices.

I didn't include the "Fix Broken File paths" feature for Windows 10 due to the file restrictions for Windows Store Apps. On Android, I can scan the entire file system for a missing file. On Windows 10, I'm restricted to only being able to read files and folders under the storage location. So if I add this option, it would only let you fix broken file paths for files that still reside in the storage location. I'm not sure how useful that is in practice. If you believe it will still be useful, let me know. I believe a few other users have also indicated they would find the tool useful even with that restriction, so the more users I know it will benefit, the faster I'll implement it.

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