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Full Version: Filter options (exclusion etc.)
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I'm not sure if we have discussed this already, but why has only the filter for collections modes for include/exclude/unassigned/assigned?

I'd like to have these option for the other catagories as well to refine the filters even more. Also I'd like an invert selection for all of them, too.
I started working on that, but never got back around to finishing it. I can revisit this again soon.

I second that.
Being able to prepare, name and store user specific filter settings allows using even sophisticated filters.
In particular I miss the NOT inversion.
Just one example:
all songs in collection "Band1" and NOT in collection "XMas" are what I need most of the year
I've added support for this for all group fields. It will be included with the next update (v2.3.3).