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Full Version: Invert Display
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One small thing I would like to see is a means of inverting the display while actually viewing a piece of music.

Generally speaking, I run the display inverted (white on black) - it's easier on the eyes and less distracting for an audience - but occasionally I find that certain scans are easier to read in normal (black on white) mode. Of course, changing the display mode is a little complicated while a show is running.

Personally, I would be happy if this was a USB command - that way, I will finally find a use for the third pedal on my USB foot controller Wink . However, I'm sure it would make more sense to almost everyone else if it was a simple touch operation.
Mike is planning, in one of the upcoming updates, to allow you to assign certain functions to places on the screen (tapping top right corner, top left corner, etc) - I imagine this could be one of the possible functions.
It could indeed - I await developments with interest.
I'll definitely add something for this Graeme. I think it makes sense to have an on screen option, as well as make it something you can assign to a pedal press.
That's a response in excess of my dreams - thank you very much.