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Well, I don't have a better title to offer.

I'm thinking it would be useful to have some more filters or rather some "system collections" which aren't manually filled but by MSP for songs with items  like

- song notes
- song annotations
- missing PDF
- missing Audio
- cropped
- etc.

which would help maintanence on the device considerably. Is that hard to implement (maybe as extra tab?). Just another idea. :-)
In the thread
I already proposed adding filters for songs with notes and/or annotations.
Sciurius posted an SQL statement there that does such a selection.
That works fine so far, but it's probably not for the average user.
"missing PDF" is imho covered by "Find Missing Files"
A filter might be more convenient in case a lot of missing files have to be fixed.
(07-31-2018, 01:14 AM)itsme Wrote: [ -> ]Sciurius posted an SQL statement there that does such a selection.
That works fine so far, but it's probably not for the average user.
Indeed. I'm looking for things to do from within the app.


"missing PDF" is imho covered by "Find Missing Files"

Well, "find missing files" is the reason I came up with the idea because I want to have a way to conveniently save the results (in a collection) and to fix manually later. On W10 (haven't tried Android) you get just a list of links with missing files with the option to delete them. Well, I'd like to fix them manually with providing the file or swap file. At least a way to add the results into a collection is needed IMHO.
And the other things like notes, crops etc. of course would be possible with filters as well. That's why I talked about filters and/or "system collections".
I can add options for filtering on annotations, notes and cropping to the additional filters dialog. I'm not sure I want to add a filter for missing files or missing audio files though, as that just strikes me as an odd thing to put there as it's more of a maintenance thing that is covered by the find missing files utility. It also requires hitting the file system repeatedly, which isn't too slow for internal storage, but can be much slower for SD cards. What I can do is add an option to the find missing files utility to add all of the listed files to a new collection. If that will work for you needs, I'm open to that.

That'll do fine for me and I think it's the better solution.

The missing files would be only temporary anyway, so putting the results into a collection you can delete after fixing is the best way to go.

The same goes for the filters I think because you can make your own collections from them if needed.
That sounds great. Thank you.
I gotta pretty far along in implementing the new filters and then I realized that I don't read any of the data out of the database at startup that is needed to drive them. I don't want to read all of that data out at startup because a) it will use a lot more memory, and b) it will slow down the loading. I normally only load the critical data needed for driving the library management, and I load the other things (like annotations) when the songs are actually loaded for viewing. So I apologize, but I will not be able to support those filters. I will still add the missing files option to the songs to a collection though.

OK, designer's prerogative of course, I understand.

But might it be possible without weighing on the resources to include a similar option like for missing files so you can 
create your own collection to add "filtered" songs for annotations, crops, notes, if you know what I mean?
Set the filter as you like > long press to select one of the songs > select all (using the checkbox in the little toolbar bottom right) > Create Setlist from Songs (or "Create Collection from Songs") from the dropdown menu
seems to do what you want. Just the "select all" is a bit tedious and it creates a snapshot of the current filtered result, not a dynamically filtered setlist or collection.
Stored filter settings might also help.
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