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Full Version: Text display settings
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This is not yet a feature request, just an attempt to gain some insight.

MSPro has default text display settings (Settings > Text File Settings > Default Display Settings).
When a new (ChordPro) song is created, it gets its own display settings which are initially a copy of the default settings.

When the display settings of a song are changed, it is possible to apply the new settings to all songs, and/or make them the new default settings. Also, the song settings can be reset to the default settings.

So I have my library on a tablet where (a.o.) the lyrics size is 28, which is the default setting on the tablet. I have a copy of the library on my phone where the lyrics size is 16, which is default setting on the phone.
The tablet has been synched to a cloud folder. When I sync my phone to the cloud folder, updating client, and sync text display settings disabled, I still get the mine/theirs dialog for all songs.


The difference in settings is caused by the fact that when the settings are "reset to default" the default values are copied into the song settings. And hence differ between the tablet and phone.

Would it make sense if "all text display settings are default" would match regardless of what the actual settings are?

I think this will be quite relevant when users are synching tablets of different sizes.

Also, very intriguing is that the dialog client and folder songs have different keys. The "theirs" key is the right one, which is in all aspects the same as the "mine" key.