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Full Version: Orientation Lock
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This is not exactly a bug, but pretty annoying for me.

I use my tablet in portrait mode (as I imagine everyone else does). On my tablet, all the access ports are on one of the short sides, which means that I position it on the music stand with those ports on top, thus allowing me to plug in my USB footswitch, power supply, etc.

However, locking the orientation turns the view upside down, meaning I have to turn the tablet upside down to view the screen. In practice this is impossible, because of the leads hanging out of (what is now) the lower edge.

This not the only piece of software that displays this annoying habit - I have a chord reference app and a power saving app, both of which will only work in portrait mode, but still 'upside down' for me.

Is it possible to add a "180ยบ turn" feature to the lock mode?
Yes, I should be able to detect the orientation change and swap the lock. This should be relatively easy to do. Thanks for mentioning the problem - I really depend on you guys to let me know when there is something that needs to be adjusted.

Thanks Mike - we seem to be giving you a lot of little things to be thinking about Smile . I hope you're not cracking under the strain?

I think this orientation thing comes about because a lot of these apps are primarily designed for the users of smart phones. Of course, they don't have cables hanging out of their gadgets and invariably will be holding them in one particular portrait mode.

Tablet users have the sort of little problems I mentioned.