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Full Version: Surface Pro 4 Pen - skipping
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I know this problem and experience it from time to time, too, though it has not driven me nuts until now (also on Surface pro 4 i5). MobileSheets' annotations are sometimes considerably slower than working in other apps (the mentioned ones, or I still use Xodo a lot). When this happens, it seems to me as if MSP slightly hangs and then tries to guess how one might have come there where it finds the pen tip once it wakes up, instead of constantly tracking it. I'm interested if there are different ways for software to fetch the pen's input... I'm just guessing, but it feels a bit like software vs. hardware rendering. Any idea about this? I just fear that this one is not that easy to solve but might need a serious rework...  Undecided

Does anybody here have a newer or older surface and experience similar problems?
It might be due to the fact that I'm using Microsoft's Shapes classes to draw the annotations, because when you use their UI framework, that is the only way to draw things. There isn't a draw loop like Android where I can just easily draw things on top of whatever is being rendered. This makes the Microsoft approach considerably slower with very little gain (at least for annotations, for things like link points it makes the touch processing more simple). To improve this performance, I would have to convert the entire framework to something like DirectX so that I could just render everything in a loop. It would use more power potentially, but would also result in faster performance, smoother scrolling, etc. I've been thinking about this more and more, but it's a huge change that would most likely take months of effort and could result in a lot of bugs. I think I need to do it at some point though in order to fix some of the issues users are encountering. Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and do it as part of the annotations rework as I'm changing so much of the annotations framework for that anyways. 


I just looked through the Win2D documentation for UWP, and it may not be as bad as I thought. I may not even have to change my framework that much. I may experiment with this this weekend and post the results.
Thanks for this detailed insight! Really sounds like a lot of work under the hood... for now, I‘d say this is not the most important thing on the ToDo-List, but maybe it Majesty’s sense to include it in the annotations overhaul. At least I‘ll have some patience for this. ;-)
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