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Full Version: "next song" for crop editor
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I'm currently cropping a lot of songs on my surface tablet and have to do it manually.

I propose a "next song" / "previous song" button/link similar to the already present "next page" / "previous page" if a song has more than one page (with an automatically saved page for the turn of course). It would be really a time saver not to have to save, turn page to the next song and invoke the crop editor again, if you're doing mass editing or rather mass cropping on the device.
Add the songs to a setlist and then you can crop every song in the setlist at once. The reason you can't page through each song is becauseĀ "Always Load Whole Setlist" isĀ disabled (I'm assuming). You can also just tap "Load All" for the setlist if you want to crop them all.