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Full Version: Stored filter settings lost during update?
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I had stored filter settings in MSP 2.1.9. I skipped a number of versions and updated my Android tablet directly to V2.3.2. It seems that the stored filters have disappeared. Can I get them back?
After a Restore of the backup created with 2.1.9 into MSP 2.3.0 on Win 10, also no filter settings are restored.
Unfortunately, the filters preference file (named "user_filters.xml") is not currently being packaged with the backup files. I have put a fix in place for this, but if you've restored a library backup, that file is most likely gone. As far as why updating caused the filters list to disappear, it's because my change to not automatically persist filters causes the list not to be populated correctly. If you enable Settings->Library Settings->Automatically Load Last Used Filters at Startup, then your list will be populated correctly. I'm working on putting an update together today, so the fix will be included with that. I apologize if you lost a lot of filters though - hopefully it won't take you too long to recreate them.

Thanks for the hint. "Automatically Load Last Used Filters at Startup" brought back my stored filter settings.

Some thoughts:
1.) I found "user_filters.xml" in /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro/files.
Shouldn't it better be stored in the same folder as mobilesheets.db? This is in my case /storage/emulated/0/_MobileSheets/ (my MobileSheets Storage Location, "Expose Database File" ON). Additionally to MSPs backup mechanism I also store mobilesheets.db separately. I learned that I also should backup user_filters.xml. That would be far easier if I could find it in the same place.
2.) Did you consider including user_filters.xml into the new synchronization feature?
3.) Currently stored filters are shown probably in the sequence they are created. Please add some sorting. Just sorting them alfabetically by name would be fully sufficient.
I could change the code to use the storage location instead of what it is using now, but the bigger issue is that the way it is implemented is going to cause me headaches with backup/restores. I may have to redesign it to be a preference file like the other user configuration files (so that the normal processing occurs with backups and restores). I don't really think it makes sense to include it with the library synchronization feature as I don't send any other user settings with that.  

I'll look into sorting the list.

Just noticed that in 2.3.5 the file user_filters.xml is now stored in the MSP folder like mobilesheets.db.
Thank you Mike, that you evene take care for small proposals.
If it doesn't require big design changes or huge amounts of effort, I try to slip in those kinds of fixes as soon as possible. Thanks again for helping me identify the problem.