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Full Version: Cost of Windows version.
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I have been using MS for years now on Android and would like to try on Windows.
Must I pay for the program again for Windows?

I am certain this question must have been asked many times, but I nevertheless could not find any answer.

Hello Dan,

It's actually covered in the FAQ on the website:

If I purchased the Android version, do I get the Windows 10 version also (or vice versa)?

- No, each version requires a separate purchase.

I should probably post a sticky somewhere on the forum for it as well to make it a little more obvious, as I get this question quite a bit. As far as the reason for why the Windows 10 version requires a purchase, this is partially due to the fact that it's sold on a different app store managed by a different company (Microsoft), and partially due to the fact that I have to implement and test every change on each OS (as there is quite a bit of OS dependent code, especially for the UI), so the Windows 10 purchase helps cover that development cost.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Instead, people should complain to Google, Apple and Microsoft for refusing to provide a compatible software platform.
Thanks for the replies.

I have no problem with paying again, just wanted to avoid paying if it was not necessary.