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Full Version: Synch and original file locations
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When "sync to folder" creates a new song, it is always created in a subfolder named after the song title.
To have the song libraries on the devices identical, it would be necessary to have a "restore to original location" similar to the "restore from backup" function.

Unfortunately the "original location" information is not stored in the database and hashcodes files in the cloud folder...
The sync to folder feature was really designed for bands that need to all synchronize their devices together and want to use the cloud to do that versus the device to device option. The paths on every device may be different especially if SD cards are involved. The feature currently works best if MobileSheetsPro is managing the files and folders as you are aware. I can certainly write up an enhancement request for the future to try to support what you are describing, but I think there are going to be some semi-complex issues to solve in cases where devices are synchronizing to the cloud folder, they select the 'restore to original location' option but they can't recreate those folders on their device, so then I have to figure out if I should be trying to use as much of the original path as possible (which only works well if all of the original paths are relative to the storage location) or just fall back to the current implementation. This all has to play nicely with the folder mappings option as well which I'm assuming I would have to start ignoring if the restore to original location option was enabled and it is possible to recreate the foldler paths. You'd also have to reupload your library again as I don't see any way around that in order to add the original locations for the files. 

(08-08-2018, 12:48 AM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]The feature currently works best if MobileSheetsPro is managing the files and folders as you are aware.

Yes, I know I am pushing the limits of what you intended for MSPro to be able to handle.

But I have quite a lot of song files with the same names in different folders (corresponding to different band, project, etc.) and currently I have no way to deal with these than to request MSPro to maintain the folder structure. In the future, when we have separate libraries, this problem will disappear when the different projects go to different libraries.

So if the 'restore to original location' option involves too many risks just forget that I asked for it.
So it turns out this issue was because of the way Google Drive drive handles files (ids versus paths). I just had to adjust the code to handle that, and now it properly preserves files and folders on all devices that synchronize to the cloud folder. So no other changes will be needed. As part of this, I'm removing the ability to use the folder mapping feature when synchronizing to a cloud folder as I just don't think it makes any sense, and inputting the correct path to the cloud folder is not necessarily intuitive (especially for Google Drive).