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Full Version: Audio Track Start
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When I set a value for audio track start the track still play from the beginning.
I am missisng something or is this a bug?
This is with the Android version, correct?? Just to verify, are you editing the song, going to the audio tab, moving the left side of the slider to adjust the start time then pressing play to verify? What type of file are you testing with (mp3, wav, etc)?

Android yes. I m playing mp3 files. In the edit tab it works even if the behavior is sometimes strange. My main trouble is for the audio player when displaying the score. The player play from the beginning with a negative time value displayed. If I seek to the beginning using the slide bar then the audio start from the time I ve set. Looks like a bug...
Same behaviour on win10
It must be specific to that mp3 you are using. I just tried it with the Windows 10 version and had no problems adjusting the start time. Can you please send that mp3 to for testing?

Corrected thanks Mike.