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Full Version: MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.3.5 Released
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MobileSheetsPro v2.3.5 has been released and MobileSheets v2.3.5 for Windows 10 is currently being certified by Microsoft and should be available shortly. Several updates were released in succession over the last couple days to address some last minute bugs. These updates contain a lot of bug fixes and a few minor enhancements. Some additional customer requests such as support for multiple databases/libraries will be added in the next update. The list of changes are as follows (note that some of the changes listed for Windows 10 were added in a previous Android update):

Changes made to both versions:
  • Fixed potential crash while changing songs in a setlist
  • Fixed issue with margins being incorrect for every page after the first when using chord pro files and multiple columns
  • Fixed bug with audio file start position not being correctly handled
  • Fixed various errors when synchronizing to a cloud folder
  • Added include/exclude/assigned/unassigned options to all group filters
  • Added option for the "Connect Devices" feature to have slave devices construct temporary setlists to match the master (songs must exist on both tablets)
  • Fixed issue with connected devices not turning pages when using bookmarksity
  • Saved filters are now correctly included with and restored from backup files
  • Added option to create collections from songs when using the Find Missing Files utility
  • Added option for connecting devices to force them to stay on the same page relative to the song on the master tablet
  • Warnings are now shown if text files can't be written to or errors occur while deleting files
Changes made to MobileSheetsPro (Android)
  • Fixed bug when using the transpose keyword with a repeated chorus in a chord pro file
Changes made to MobileSheets (Windows 10)
  • Added option to the text file settings to control the page margins for text and chord pro files.
  • Added smart button action to show song notes
  • Fixed error where audio files would sometimes not load
  • Filters from previous sessions are no longer automatically loaded at startup. This behavior can be changed in the library settings.
  • Added additional options for song title formatting: song creation date, song last modified date, and the last modified dates of all files used by the song
  • Added support for {column_break} ({cb} for short) for chord pro files
  • Added support for {transpose} directive for chord pro files
  • Fixed issue with synchronizing to a Google Drive cloud folder. Any previous uploads using this feature should be erased and reuploaded after this update.
  • Fixed problem with paths being handled incorrectly for older library backups
  • Fixed bug when using the transpose keyword with a repeated chorus in a chord pro file
  • Fixed issue with reorder arrows in the group editor when using night mode or the dark theme
  • Fixed issue with the last modified timestamps being incorrectly changed when songs are loaded
MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.7.5
  • Fixed crash when changing the page order of a song
  • Added support for duration column in the main song list

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