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Full Version: Size in Select Song dialog
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When processing a sync to cloud folder, a dialog "Select Song to Use" may appear to select one of several alternatives. In this dialog, the size of the files is rounded to KB. This makes it hard to use to select alternatives. E.g., two chordpro files of 891 and 896 bytes will both be shown as 1KB.
I've modified the logic to show bytes if the file is less than a kilobyte.

Thanks, but do you have an urgent need to round it down? The difference between a 4724191 byte and a 4724319 byte mp3 file is equally important.
It was done for readability. I still think there is value in displaying MB as it's just a little easier to read 52 MB versus 52094839. What do you think of me showing both such as 52 MB (52094839 bytes)?

I agree that 52MB is more readable than 52094839, but the intention of this particular dialog is to choose between what is likely to be two versions of the same file, so details matter. "Modified: two days ago" is very readable but also quite inaccurate.
How about "52,094,839 bytes"? This also resolves the issue whether MB is 1,000,000 or 1,024,000 or 1,048,576...
I get this dialog every time I synch to the gdrive folder, updating folder, even though there were no changes made on the tablet.
Any idea?
I'm guessing there is an issue in the database with empty song notes being present, which isn't supposed to be allowed (they should be deleted automatically in that case). There were some bugs in my code with not correctly clearing setlist song notes though (which was fixed several updates ago), so you are probably encountering this due to notes being present in the database that shouldn't be there.
The setlist is empty.

Table SetlistSongNotes contains one entry for this setlist, for a song that probably once has been a member of the setlist.

I'll clear the table.