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Full Version: Create Snippet and Crop not working
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I have version 2.3.5 from Google Play installed (an update of previous versions)

I've just imported a song book into MSP and I'm looking to snip songs from the book to add to the catalogue. This now does not work. Also I notice that the crop tool is also not visible and the imported song book is not cropped. ????

I can see e.g. a song page from the book, but I cannot get MSP to access the snippet or crop features.

Any ideas?


Bob Cook
Hello Bob,

I just tried creating a snippet and didn't run into any issues. What doesn't appear to work for you? Does the song not get created? Or do you receive an error of some kind? You said the crop tool is not visible - what does that mean exactly? Are you able to access the song overlay, tap the display icon at the bottom left then tap on "Crop" to enter the cropping editor? Or is the problem with the cropping editor itself? If you can't access the song overlay, tap the lock icon at the bottom right corner of the library screen in the floating toolbar to disable performance mode.