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Full Version: Audio file storage on external card
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At present all my 200+ audio files are stored with their song files in the default location (which happens to be on my external card). Using Google Play Music, I've set the tablet's Music Library to a new "Music" folder on the external card, and deleted the "Music" folder from the internal storage area. So far so good, but I would like my audio files to be kept in this external "Music" folder (where I can get at them with other apps). I appreciate that there isn't an easy way to shift the audio files out of the default location to where i want them to be. So, song by song, I could use the companion app to delete the existing audio files in the default location and reload them from the PC, choosing to have them added to the Tablet Global Music Library option on the dropdown list. However, this dumps them back in my internal storage area, and will even create a new Music folder there in which to put them. I don't want them there, as there isn't much more room.

This may of course be a tablet-specific issue, but I wonder if it would be possible to add an option to the storage-location dropdown list to allow a wider choice of where newly-added audio files are going to be stored?
If you need control over exactly where your audio files are going to be imported from, put them on the tablet in the folder you desire first, and then either use the companion or tablet app to add the audio.  If you use the companion app, use the first tab when selecting audio that lets you pick an audio file that already exists on the tablet. Then as long as you haven't changed the storage settings to copy audio files into the storage location, MobileSheetsPro will just use your files from the location you imported them from. This all only applies to the Android version - if you are using the Windows 10 version, the audio files must stay under the storage location in order to be readable.

Thank you so much - that works perfectly! I've been puzzling over this for days - why didn't I think of that earlier? In case it's of help to anyone else, I generated a list of the audio files by viewing/extracting a whole backup using the companion app, and copied it from PC to my external card. This of course gives me extra copies of the song files, but I can delete these as I go.

Since you are clearly a magic man, my next wish would be a variable-speed audio player within MSP itself. Some friends are using I-rehearse on IOS, but I can't find anything like it on Android.

Thanks again - D x
I'm looking into adding that for the next update.