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Full Version: Sync to ownCloud / nextCloud / WebDAV folder
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When you feel bored, or have too much free time Smile ... Could you please add sync to ownCloud / nextCloud / WebDAV folder?

Rationale: I prefer my clouds to be under my control.
Also: ownCloud and nextCloud are basically WebDAV with a pre-defined path name.
It looks like there are open source libraries I can use for WebDAV, so that should be possible. I'll add that to the list.

I have to second that request. With the changes made to the dropbox environment (i.e. only two devices for free accounts), I've moved largely to nextCloud for cloud based storage. Integrating WebDav sync with MobileSheets would be quite nice!

Here is another one who would love to sync to a NextCloudPi server of her own!

Any news about the webdav-support? I'd be very happy to see this feature!

Thanks a lot for this wonderful app!!
It's still on the list of things to do. I'm just focused on bug fixes and the annotations rework at the moment. Development should accelerate next year on enhancements such as this.