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Full Version: MIDI System message AND patch selection
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Hi everyone,
The first message in this forum, wow! 

It's few time that I'm using mobilesheets pro to read my sheets. great app!
Now I started to use even MIDI commands to change sounds on my keyboards when I change the song. I have a Yamaha motif XF to control.

I can send from mobilesheets to the motif system exclusive messages. 
It works. 

I can send even patch select messages. 
It works. 

But when I try to use both commands together it doesn't work, or better, it works in a wrong way. The app just send just the first message. 

I need to send at first a sysex message AND THEN a patch select message when I select a new song. 

What can I do to solve this problem?  

Many thanks for your help
Thanks to Mike Isolvedthe problem. 
It was enough to insert a pausa command between the 2 message.