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Full Version: Using mobilesheet pro for visually impaired wife
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I am totally new to this forum. I am not sure if this is the best place to ask. I need some help to setup mobilesheet pro for my wife who has major visual impairment. She is a concert pianist now suffering from lung cancer spreading to her brain that affected her vision. I like to set up mobilesheet either with windows 10 or a large Chromebook display so I can display music scores (sheets and notes) in much enlarged scale maybe one or two lines and scroll up vertically for her to read and play. 

Is this possible with mobilesheet? If not any software recommendation? Any advise or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you all so much.
Hello btlaw,

You have my sincerest sympathies. I'd certainly like to help if I can. If the screen is large enough and you use the option to stretch the page to fit the width, it will most likely enlarge the sheet music enough for what you want. You'd probably need a screen that is around 18" or larger to have it enlarged that much. MobileSheetsPro just displays the file contents without any modifications, so it isn't smart enough to do something like extract each individual line of music and display pages based upon that. Having said that, you can always get creative by using the page order feature to duplicate pages, then crop each page to a small section, and then that section of the page will be enlarged to fill the screen. So while that would take a little more work to set up, it could also be used to achieve your goal even on a smaller display.  You'd also want to use the vertical scrolling display mode in MobileSheets. Let me know if you have additional questions and I'll be happy to answer them.

Kind regards,