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Full Version: Companion in German?
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Is MSP Companion available in German?
I recently installed it for one of my fellow musicians abd could not find where to change the language.
It's not currently available in any other languages. I did figure out how to handle localization in the companion application awhile back, so I can start working on that at some point. I just haven't had time to focus on it yet, as I thought other efforts were higher priority. I'm going to have to copy over all the annotations from the tablet apps (which hopefully I can automate somewhat) but I think a large number of things I won't have translations for, so I will probably have to bug all the translators for help if we want to have accurate translations for the companion. I can also just use Google Translate to get a rough translation.

It would be great to have Companion in German. I assume a lot of texts are already available as the Companion's UI looks very similar to MSP. I can help filling the gaps by translating missing texts.

Most of my musician friends are German and many of them are not very fluent in English and many are still struggling with technology like tablets, computers, Android and so on. Companion could be very helpful for them. It would be great if we could avoid that additional level of complexity caused by MSP in German and Companion in English.