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Full Version: Return to library pedal action
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A user has asked for a method to return to the library press with one press, and then return back to the song that was being viewed with another press. My thought is to modify the current "Return to Library" pedal action to behave this way, but I'm worried this may surprise users if they press the pedal multiple times when wanting to return to the library, and it would switch back and forth on them. Can anyone that uses that pedal mode comment on this? Should I add a separate pedal action for this, or would it be okay to modify the current one for this?

I use return to the library pedal action. Because I send midi commands when each song is loaded this might be problem for me, because I don't want them to be sent again if I accidentally press pedal once more. So IMHO it would be better to make special action "Return To Library and Back to Song" or something like that.