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Full Version: Multiple Users
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I use MS on a 10´´ tab with Android 4.2.
When I set up 2 users I have 2 different MS databases and folders both users. Because we would like to use 2 tabs together, we woukd need to kind of sync the databases on each tab.
With this setup I can backup the library and copy it to the other tab, but the import overwrite´s the whole library and changes made there are lost.
I have a new tab with Android 4.1.2 and there is no opportunity to setup users. Do you have an idea how I can fix this issue?
Hello Kernel,

Are you asking if I can add multiple user support to MobileSheets? I'm afraid that would require too much work, and considering it is part of the Android OS in 4.2, I don't really think it would be wise for me to invest time on that at the moment. If there is something else that I can do to help, let me know.