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Full Version: High Contrast Text annotations may lose their colour.
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Changing to a new tablet (Lenovo Tab4 10inch aka TB-304F Android 7.1.1), I decided to try the High-contrast Text setting in the Accessibility settings. It is marked "experimental".  Whilst it made my MobileSheets Pro library lists stand out a bit more, it had the undesired side effect of making all my typed annotations show up as black, no matter which colour I chose.

I was about to report this as a minor bug or anomaly with MS Pro, but I realised in time what might be causing it, so have now turned off this feature.

Sharing the information in case anyone else encounters this...

Hugh    London UK
Just to add to this: my code has no way of overriding the high-contrast mode if it is enabled (to my knowledge). I instruct the tablet to draw the annotations with color, but the OS itself is drawing those annotations as black due to the high-contrast setting.