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Full Version: SOLVED: On cancel or save of annotiations, song closes and screen returns to 'Recen
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Below issue is solved by changing Tablet setting: Developer options: Do Not Keep Activities: from 'yes' to 'no'
Thank you Zuberman!
If I have a song open and edit it to insert some annotation and hit either 'cancel' or 'save', the song does that, however, then closes and I get put in the 'recent' screen.

I can immedeately click the one at the top and it will open with the just added annotation in (or not if I hit that cancel).

This behavior started something like a month ago. Before that, it would still show the song. I was still running version 1.7.something. I updated it to 2.3.8 and it still behaves like that.

I did reboot,
I do not have an SD card.
Running on Android 5.1.1 

Anyone knows what might solve this?
Usually when users encounter this, it's because they changed the "Do not keep activities" setting on their tablet under Settings->Developer Options. Did you happen to change that setting? If so, make sure you turn that off, as it causes major problems with MobileSheets.