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Full Version: Highlight the cell where song title is
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My set lists are usually fairly large (50+ songs per night). We have a large band and usually play 4-5 sets. I don't split the night up in different sets. I just make one long setlist because we jump around a lot.

I created empty songs and named them something like...

********SET 1****************************************
********SET 2****************************************

That way, visually I can see where the songs are split up into sets.

I was thinking it would be cool to be able to highlight whatever song(s) I wanted in a different color than white or grey.  Sort of like in Excel where you can fill in the color of a cell.

I could color the set list markers in different shades to separate them visually.  OR color each set with a different colored highlight.

Don't know if this is possible but it could be a cool feature.
You are not the first person to request this kind of coloring support. It's definitely on my list of things to add.

Thanks for the feedback.