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Full Version: Find Missing Files & Swap File
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It would be very convenient if I could call "Swap File" directly from the results list of "Find Missing Files", in particular when more than one file is missing.
Just tap on the file and "swap file" is what happens. That's basically the default action.
Sorry Mike. Thanks for telling me what's going on. I was not aware that the file selection that starts when I tap on the file does not point to the original file. It is the file selection of the "swap file" feature - great.

When testing that I came across another bug of "Swap File":
When I replace the file of a song from a fakebook with a file that has fewer pages than specified in the song's Page Order field, "Swap File" seems to work correctly. The new file is taken over. But when I try to open the song it cannot be opened and I run into an endless turning circle.

Please check during "Swap File" that the pages specified in Page Order also exist in the new file.

A simple solution without additional UI could be
- display a warning that pages do not exist in the new file
- replace the file anyway
- set Page Order to a valid page e,g. page 1 of the new file

let the user choose between aborting "Swap File" with keeping the original path or the method above

perfect with all bells and whistles:
let the user choose as above and if he decides to replace the file offer a possibility to specify a new correct Page Order