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Full Version: ChordPro file, last page doesn't show
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Hey folks, I'm back with another bug (or newly discovered feature)!
I got this chordpro file (see attachment) that looks fine in Mobile Sheets Pro. For some reason though the last page, after the new page command after the bridge, doesn't show! When I try to get to it the "End of Song" message pops up! Maybe someone has a clue what the reason for this might be?
Thanks if you do and tell me! Wink

Edit: I just removed the {np} command and noticed that half of the chorus is then displayed on the same page as the bridge, but I still can't get to the next page to see the rest! I can't go to page 6! How can this happen?
Edit 2: I just figured out what the problem was! For some reason the mp3 of the song was added as a text file together with the chordpro file! So I removed the mp3 file from this capacity. Maybe this might also finally solve the sync issue I had a while back!