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Full Version: Mididaten mehrerer Songs gleichzeitig ändern?
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gibt es eine Möglichkeit bei mehrerern Songs gleichzeitig Midi-Datemsätze zu ändern?
Ich möchte per Midi mein Lichtsetup steuern.
Dazu müsste ich bei allen Songs ein paar Mididaten ablegen.

Danke Blush

You can send out as many messages as needed when an individual song is loaded. You can also use a smart button to send those MIDI messages. You can't send messages from multiple songs at once though.

Hi Mike, let me help translating: OP was asking if there's a way to change midi data  in several songs at once. 

I don't think so. But I have no experience with midi in MSP.
No, you can't change MIDI data for several songs at once. I don't support batch editing for that as it would be incredibly complex, as each song can have completely unrelated MIDI messages in them.