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Full Version: How to prevent Windows 10 interruptions
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Yes, I know this is a Windows (not a MobileSheets-specific) issue, but I figured that MobileSheets users would be particularly sensitive to interruptions from Windows (updates, etc.) in the middle of a performance.

You do you disable (even if temporarily) ALL interruptions from Windows when running MobileSheets? (My version is Win 10 Home 64bit).

I don't believe you can stop Windows 10 from downloading and installing updates. You can turn off WiFi to ensure that no updates will be downloaded, which would probably accomplish the same goal though.

Isn't there a way to specify when the installation happens though?
It depends upon your version of Windows 10:

If you have pro or enterprise, you can actually delay updates and pause them. If you have home, about all you can do is delay the automatic restarts after updates are installed.