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Full Version: App freezes, annotations on wrong page and no Metronom click after update 2.3.9/2.4.0
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Hallo Mike,

Since the last two updates 2.3.9 and 2.4.0, I am facing two issues with the MS:

1) I load a setlist with various edited pieces. At first all annotations are being displayed correctly. 
During rehearsing though, while moving forth and back through pages of a piece, the annotations often move/are being displayed in another page.
Ι noticed, that this happens with annotations created with the pen in free form.

2) The Metronome stops "sounding" after a measure. The beats and measures are being displayed further, but there is no audio anymore.
I tested the metronome with different "Playback modes" (audio, audio+visual) and different "Beat Sound FX", but the problem still occurs.
As I said, visualy everything works fine.
UPDATE:It seems that the metronome problem occurs only on one PC. I tested it on an other laptop and it works as expected. Could it be some minor settings change?

Thanks for the help in advance!
Unfortunately during the first rehearsal with the orchestra today, I encountered another very disturbing problem:

The app froze each time I tried to save an edit and the screen was blacked out. I should still close and restart the app, find the file, load it and find the page where I left off. Thank god the changes were savev every time.

It certainly caused me to miss my cue several times...Sad

Is there a possibility to "roll back" to a previous update? Version 2.3.8 would be ok! At least until the next rehearsals and concerts are finished. 

Many greeting!
Email me at and we can discuss options for rolling you back. It can't be done with the Microsoft Store version, but it can be done with the version off my store.
Hallo Mike,

Since the last update (2.4.2)  all the above bugs/problems are fixed.

Thanks once again for the great support and help!

Many greetings
Thanks for your patience as I worked through the problems!