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Full Version: Annoying splash screen
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Since 2.39/2.40 there is an annoying splash screen "Superpowered". Is that the new sound module?
Yes, I'm required to show that due to the licensing agreement. I'm going to switch it to a fixed image which I think is a little less annoying than the video clip. 

Currently I'm bugged more by the fact that the splash screen does not display on my primary tablet. It just shows a black square. Since this tablet has some additional safety precautions it could indicate that the sound module tries to do something nasty.
May I assume you built the module yourself and completely from source code?
The splash screen should be a lot less annoying now with version 2.4.1. It stays up for only a second and then vanishes. I think the reason you saw a black square is because I was playing a .mp4 file, and the video support across Android devices seems to be hit-or-miss. I definitely built version 2.4.0 myself from my own source code. 

Thanks, Mike, for your reassuring reply.