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Full Version: Page change while triple-tap annotating
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I have a pretty annoying issue that happens once in a while. I have triple-tap enable for opening the annotation editor and sometimes, it seems like if I dont put the three fingers all exactly at the same time on the screen, a page turn is triggered before opening the annotation editor, and when having finished annotating and closing the latter, the page displayed will be either the next page or the previous page, and I have to turn back to the page I was annotating. Obviously, it only happens when I triple-tap more on the left or the right side of the page.

It seems to be some kind of race-condition, because the annotation editor edits the right page all the time. It's just switching pages in the background while it's opening.

I hope this issue can be fixed, it would help a lot.

Thank you in advance!
I've made some adjustments that should help prevent page turns while using the three finger tap on the sides. Thanks for letting me know.

Hi Mike,

Thank you so much! It is really appreciated Smile