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Full Version: Changing pages in file removes annotations
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If I change page order and pages in file the annotations I made for pages not showing are removed. When I change back to full song annotations are no longer there?

Is this how it is suppose to work? Can I get them back somehow?
Unfortunately, if you remove a page like that, the annotations are going to be removed from the database.  The only way to recover them would be to restore a library backup or merge in a copy of the song with the annotations in it. I'm investigating with the annotations rework if I can include an option to always save the annotations in the file itself (when a PDF is loaded). I just have to make sure that annotations can be cleanly converted between the PDF annotation format and the internal representation in MobileSheet's database.

OK, I see.

It would be awesome if you somehow could manage to implement so we could have different pages showing in different places in a setlist for example different movements in a classical piece, with notes
made there are stored in the whole file. Now I have to make snippets and notes made in those are not stored in the original file.