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Full Version: ChordPro Files and printing
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I would like to print some of my ChordPro files for my bandmates that don't use MSpro. If I try to print it from library screen I get more pages (4 compared to 2 if viewing inside MSpro). It seems to be using my config of ChordPro files (background color of chords, etc.) but everything is larger so it need more pages. 

Am I missing something I need to set-up to see same result in PDF file as inside MSpro or is this a bug?
For detailed control over printing ChordPro files it is probably better to use the ChordPro tool from .
I don't need any special control for printing ChordPro files, I just wanted to know why printed PDF differs from output shown in MSpro itself. 

Anyway, I've tried ChordPro tool from website you mentioned but it seems to have problems with special Czech characters like ď, č, ě, etc. Files is UTF-8, so it should be printed without any problem. It looks ok inside the tool, but in PDF it doesn't and those special characters are not shown.
This is commonly caused by the built in fonts that do not support these Czech characters.
If you use the windows fonts instead all should be okay.

It's even a FAQ:
Thanks, I missed this. Thanks for the info, now it works as it should. 

But this still doesn't solve different output in print dialog compared to output in library itself.
In order to print a page, MobileSheetsPro has to fit the chord pro file to the dimensions of a piece of paper. So if you are viewing your files in landscape orientation, or your tablet aspect ratio differs greatly from a piece of paper's aspect ratio, then the output is going to look very different. The number of pixels used for the rendered page may be different when printing too (I'd have to review the code to verify).  If this is as major problem and you believe the printed page should reflect what your tablet displays, then a couple of things would need to change:

1) The page would be rendered to the tablet's screen size, and then scaled to fit the piece of paper. This could cause the content to appear scaled down quite a bit. 

2) In landscape orientation, the print job would have to be turned to landscape, which means rotating the image 90 degrees. This would also be scaled to fit the piece of paper. 

Another thing that I'd have to handle is that the page scaling mode and other display options can change how the page is rendered in MobileSheetsPro. I'd have to honor these settings while rendering as well before scaling the image to fit the printed piece of paper.

This is only minor problem, nothing serious. as I've said in first post, I use this only to print ChordPro files to other bandmates without MSpro. I can use original ChordPro tool for this purposes.