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Full Version: ChordPro Formatting - How To?
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I am new to ChordPro formatting. I am new to MobileSheets. I have created Chord Charts for years, though, in MS Word (and convert to PDF). I am trying to duplicate them in MobileSheets/ChordPro. I took my Word version of the Chord Chart and converted to TXT. I then ran it through ChordSmith which added bracketed chords. However, there were glitches.

I am trying to get something to look like this:

Eb / / /
Let me feel Your splendor
Bb / / /
Wrap me in Your arms
Cm / / /
I wanna feel Your presence
Ab6 /                    Bb /
Keep me safe from harm

When Imported the file I created with ChordSmith, it mostly worked. However, there were hyphens in words like "Wrap" because ChordSmith put the [/] symbol in the middle of the word. 

I worked on this a bit in MobileSheets and tried to put the [/] symbols where they actually fell when singing. This looks somewhat strange, but I suppose it's more accurate, and all four / appear in the line above, with the first line of the verse flush with the left margin. Anyway, I tried the below at first to match the above (different verse, but you get the idea; I didn't have the above to re-paste):

[Eb][/][/][/]Take me to Your kingdom
[Bb][/][/][/]Walk me through the fields
[Cm][/][/][/]Let me see Your glory
[Ab6][/]Help me to [Bb][/]heal

This put the "Eb / / /" on the top line when displayed in MobileSheets, but the first line of the verse was indented to the right.

So, how does one format [/] symbols to get them to look like my first example above? Are there guidelines for where to stick them between words and within words or how many spaces apart to get it to look like the above? I know that most people would probably just use [Eb] and let it be, but I wanted to emphasize the number of beats in each measure. 


-Rich B
When you write

[Eb][/][/][/]Take me to Your kingdom

you tell ChordPro that the last [/] is the chord to put above the syllable "Take". Hence the indentation.

You can try to put the slashes where they belong, e.g.:

[Eb]Take [/]me to [/]Your king[/]dom

or use something similar to:

{comment:[Eb] [/] [/] [/]}
Take me to Your kingdom
Useful info. I have tried putting the slashes where they belong, and I might continue doing that because it's more accurate, although it doesn't look quite as nice. I didn't think about using a comment. However, if I do, and if I want to change keys, do the chords in a comment change? I wouldn't think so, but one never knows. 

I continue to experiment because I have a repeated into line and I've been using the ||: and :|| symbols within brackets but I figured out that if I use [||: Bb / / / Cm / / / :||] that MS will display this properly without using separate [/] symbols.  I may try [Eb / / / /] above my verse lines. I think I tried this weeks ago and maybe the chords didn't change when I changed keys but maybe I'm remembering incorrectly.

Chords in a comment should transpose, just like the chords in the lyrics. But note that this only applies to a single chord between [ ] like [Eb], not when you write things like [Eb / / /].