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Full Version: Annotations on wrong pages
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I've noticed that some of my annotations are appearing on surrounding pages. I believe I've tracked down the cause.

Say you marked up a page and afterwards you end up editing the page order to duplicate one of the pages previously annotated. Then you crop that page down, because it's a coda and the top of the page is not needed. The annotations that were at the top of the page remain, but project themselves on the previous page. It looks like it remembers the full page size prior to the cropping and leaves these annotations in the same place with respect to the remaining page.

Does that make sense?

The fix is to uncrop the page, delete annotations in the cropped region, and recrop the page.
I believe I've found a way to clip the pages properly to prevent this issue from occurring. I'm not going to include it with the update I just submitted as I want to test it more, but it's looking good so far.

Finally Microsoft pushed the latest update, but now all of a sudden 2cm of annotations to the right is not shown on pages I cropped alot. If I reset cropping it shows alright again but as soon as I crop it disappears.
Unfortunately, I didn't test the changes with annotations on the edge of pages combined with cropping a large section of the page. With all the tests I ran with moderate cropping, I didn't stumble across that issue. I'm going to push another update with a fix but it will have to go through Microsoft's approval process again. The only way to get a faster update is to switch to the version sold on my store. Let me know if you need a faster fix and want to switch. I apologize for any inconvenience this issue causes. 

No problem just got a bit panicked at yesterdays concert Huh  I think I just can manage without cropping for a few days. And thanks by the way for being so fast with corrections.