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Full Version: Scroll through songs pages
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I can't remember if I have already requested this (can I review all my posts?).

The way we can scroll from one song to the next in a Setlist, we would really like to do this from the Songs list. When we're looking for a a good tune for a dance, or trying to find the tune we can sing but whose name we can't remember, I suppose we could put everything in the running into a setlist and then page though, but it would be nice to just page though from the Songs screen, after selecting one.
You can do that already. Just enable Settings->Library Settings->Automatically Load Next Song. Then you can load a song on the Songs tab and when you page past the end of the song, it will load the next song on whatever tab was shown on the library screen (it works for paging through songs anywhere a list is shown). Each song has to be loaded individually though, so buffering won't be happening for songs that aren't loaded. This means, depending upon the files you use, you may experience delays after switching songs as the new file(s) are loaded. If you don't like this, you would need to utilize a setlist and add all of the songs in the library to it (which takes about 20 seconds as you can just create a new setlist and tap the "add all" arrows icon).

Thank you! I had no idea that's what that meant. Well, I didn't really understand what it did mean. That worked fine when I just tried it. I did think of the work-around, but it wasn't an attractive option - would want to keep creating, then deleting set lists, too fiddly.